About Us

Maui Luxe Duo

Over the past decade, Tim and Karen have played instrumental roles in facilitating numerous successful real estate transactions across Maui. With a collective experience of over 30 years in Maui real estate and professional appraising, they bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to benefit their clients. Joining forces as partners, they’ve established Maui Luxe Duo to make a significant impact on the Maui real estate market.

Maui Luxe Duo is the epitome of where service seamlessly meets precision. Tim and Karen, with their unique strengths, aim to elevate your Maui real estate experience through a combination of unmatched service and meticulous value analysis. Tim’s residential appraising expertise and Karen’s dynamic and energetic level of service, coupled with her valuable insights into the Maui real estate market, create a powerful synergy that sets Maui Luxe Duo apart. Trust in their combined experience to navigate and enhance your journey in the Maui real estate landscape.

Karen Browne

Karen distinguishes herself through an unwavering commitment to ensuring satisfaction, education, advocacy, and skillful negotiation within the dynamic realm of Real Estate. Her dedication knows no bounds as she meticulously leaves no stone unturned, consistently going above and beyond to deliver unparalleled service in the Real Estate industry. Notably, Karen has achieved Coldwell Bankers’ highly coveted “Global Luxury Certification” and specializes in luxury resort condos and second-home properties. Despite her expertise in the luxury market, she is equally enthusiastic about assisting first-time homebuyers or individuals making the move to Maui as their primary residence.

Calling Hawaii home since 2010, Karen brings an intimate knowledge of each area’s unique vibe, allowing her to effortlessly guide clients to the right property based on their Maui lifestyle goals. Her track record of exceeding expectations and delivering a remarkable level of service leaves a lasting impression on clients, making Karen a trusted partner in their Real Estate journey.

Tim Carter

Tim has over 15 years of experience as a certified real estate appraiser and has run a successful appraisal business in Hawaii since 2008. When he applies his precision in property evaluation to the sales side of real estate, you can be confident that your property will be presented meticulously, leaving no doubt that its sales value is maximized. Tim’s extensive knowledge of construction adds another layer to his value as a real estate agent, as he personally understands what it takes to build a home on Maui.

Tim’s detail-oriented nature extends beyond property evaluation, proving beneficial in structuring purchase agreements and timelines. His meticulous approach ensures a seamless process, providing clients with the assurance that every aspect of their real estate transaction is handled with precision and expertise.


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